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My life is way better with Michael Paez in it

I want a good lawyer watching my back, talking to me straight, and with my best intentions in his heart and mind at all times and not a traitor or a sell out…. i’ve been through over 25 attorneys in my life and spent over $1.5mil dollars on them …. most of them are bums…. gutless automatons doing the bidding of the District Attorney’s Office so they can stay in their good graces and squeak out a living for what is basically a pathetic career…

Paez and a few other of the eagleheart attorneys that I’ve run across in my 50 years in the criminal justice system…. 15 years of which has been behind bars, doesn’t belong to that club …. which means he is a breath of fresh air; a great guy to have on your side ….one who is not gonna sell you out; not gonna okey-doke you ; which means he’s an individual who’s got a conscience and will do his best for you and when you or I need to be told something, he’ll tell it to you straight up .

Blend that righteousness, yeah that’s what I said, righteousness with knowledge , which is power, w/communication skills and a friendly…. ” get along attitude ” and you got a formidable goddamn opponent and a great lawyer representing you and me and that is precisely why I can’t say enough good things about Michael Paez who spent extra hours on my stuff resolving two cases to my liking ….do you hear what I’m saying folks? He resolved them both to my liking ….he changed the DA’s mind and their position and he got the judge to go along with it also….he’s tenacious in a nice way. …..and he’s equally vicious in a nice way also……..meticulous, thorough well prepared, rested and ready to kick ass ! That’s my boy right there ….you can’t do better…do you hear me defendant …. you can’t do better than Paez. Period . And I know from first-hand experience what I’m talking about ….exactly what I’m talking about…. and so here I lay it out and I tell the truth…..and one last quality that goes with this package and that is that I can talk to him with real talk exactly the way I feel And he listens and he understands and then he gets to work to make sure that happens to the best of his abilities and doesn’t stop until the job is done ….seriously, the highest marks I can give ….I give to this man. PERIOD.

- (5 star review)

impressed so fat

im a current client and so far mike hasnt missed a thing and has done a great job of keeping me informed, he obviously has the respect of his peers just by watching his interaction with them in the court room, our case is still in process so ill update as the case plays out

- (5 star review)


My name is Babu (Purna) A.I reviewed all the messages.I have so much to share. To make it short, I leave it as templates.First one.Michael is not lier.He is a LAWYER (I expand it with words -Lovely, Available, With heart, for You, Every time, Represents) . He helped (and worked with ME) as a brother.He checks every corner of the case. I am an immigrant.He asked me to check with immigration attorney.I said I do not need. But he made me to see one of his known attorney to make sure things will not affect.BTW:when I got my DUI in front my home San Jose, it was a stolen van parked in front of my garage and I hit when was backing up.Some one called cops. And cops gave 2 tickets – DUI and Hit-and-Run. Michael, investigated and told to the judge that it was stolen vechicle parked near drive way.I did not know about it.He takook care of. BTW:By birth I am Roman Catholic and I go any place (church, temple, any language) where people sing. It is church when 2 more are together with goodspirit. I love JESUS. I say,
like 20th Century (practical)disciples of Jesus were Mahathma Gandhi (I call Jesus2), Martin Luther King … I love their wisdom, work and at leat keep in my mind. I am a software engineer, love music (my son name) and nature (my daughter name). I play musical instruments, (used to) practice Homoepathic Medicine.My friends ask me why do not you start it again, and give it our children.I do somany things (and you can think of mistakes along with them, so to speak). The thing I want to mention here is the FAITH. That is what Jesus gave us message – your faith cured you.Chemicals (tablets and pills alone) may help; with faith it will be cured.I have FAITH in Michael. Jesus sayid two things only — Praise your Lord (the nature you and me part of it). Love your neigbors, the way you love your self. Jesus in practice.
Why I am bringing thse things up is … It is (my) Joy to SHARE our experience in our jorney and pass the message for good. Sorry! if it was too long, boring and/or words do not make sense.

- (4 star review)

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