Michael Anthony Paez

Criminal defense and personal injury attorney Michael Paez is one of the most experienced and highly regarded criminal lawyers in the Bay area. Mr. Paez can help you whether you receive a citation for possession, a DUI or face serious felony charges.

Experienced Criminal Law Attorney

Mr. Paez earned his law degree from the Santa Clara University law school after receiving an undergraduate degree from the same institution. As soon as he became a member of the bar, Mr. Paez set up his own shop and began working in criminal defense in 1996.

Mr. Paez has twenty years of experience negotiating with law enforcement and battling prosecutors in court on behalf of his clients. During those two decades, he earned the respect of his peers and clients alike. His clients report that he is meticulous, conscientious and keeps the lines of communication open when he’s on your case.

Michael Paez has defended clients against domestic violence charges, one of the most sensitive issues in criminal law. He has won reduced charges for clients faced with a DUI, theft and drug possession. He will do all he can to reduce the impact of criminal charges on your life. In California, a DUI will get your more than a fine. You could find yourself unable to drive to work because the police have impounded your vehicle or taken your license. Mr. Paez can help you avoid this disruption in your life.

Though primarily engaged in criminal defense, Mr. Paez may accept some personal injury cases. You can be assured he will bring the same passion, dedication and experience to your tort claim as he would to his criminal cases.

Bay Area Criminal Defense Attorney

Faced with a difficult criminal defense case, Mr. Paez won’t hesitate to reach out to other defense attorneys with experience in that issue, in spite of his knowledge of prior case outcomes in the Bay area. It is a sign that Mr. Paez is always looking out for your interests, seeking to find the best way to minimize the state’s interference with your life. It’s a sign that he will be honest with you about your case and what he can do for you, and that he’s open to communicate with you about your options.

If you are in the Bay area or San Jose and need a great criminal defense and personal injury attorney, call Michael Paez at the Bay Area Legal Defense Group today.

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